Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sketchbook Pages - Time

I made these drawings for school :) I love being creative and I love to draw :) 
I know it's not perfect, but who cares ^^


  1. I hear when a person dies from hanging, his tongue comes out very long.. that it would level with his chest.. o_O ha ha wow I love the wordings.. very deterring but strangely good.. 25 minutes?? are these for real? ~(a_a~)

    about the Hunger Games.. my phone has ebook reader too. My cellphone is manufactured here in the country so its not really prominent in other places but I think it can keep up.. ha ha..

    pls. send the The Hunger Game books to me, I believe there are 3 of them, aren't there . this is my email address..

    I use the same email add for my facebook account..

    lol dark romance keep me from my problems.. and I want your list.! :3

  2. hm. do you think that people who died hanging themselves chose the path of the cowards? :)

    disneymovies.. its alright truly.. :) I can spend the rest of my life waiting for the Lion King.. I'm sure I'll watch it in full someday.. :)

    hurray, my phone can read .jar and .txt.. :D

    about the lists, I'm looking forward to it!! I hope the leading guys are bad but has a good heart like Paul (lol).. :D

    I like chatting with you as well.. It's not everyday I have a friend like you!! Let alone that we've got the same birthday.. lol.

    !! I've got a question, how do you pronounce your name? :)