Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nita's Novelty Nook: September 17th

Today it’s September 17th. To me, this number 17 is something special. Now why would that be? Exactly one month ago, I had a gastric bypass operation. One month after the operation, it feels like a good time to remember that day.
August 17th after waking up for the as-far-as-i-remember first time -
“Oh god”. I had no idea where I was lying, but I noticed I was lying back in my own bed. As far as I remembered, I was lying on the operation table right before I fell asleep. And then it comes to your mind “Now there really is no turning back. It’s been done.”
It doesn’t happen often in life that you encounter that one moment you know your life’s going to change, just within that short time of a few hours. I was alone on intensive care. I looked around. I felt like sleeping again, keeping my eyes open was just too much to ask. I remembered that the doctor said that normally the first time you wake up, the doctor, the psychologist and the dietician would come to visit you. But most people would forget that moment. So now I’m wondering whether they really came to visit me, and I really forgot, or that was the first time I woke up. I probably will never get the answer to that.
Yeah, it sure did hurt. But since I was more focused on sleeping, I didn’t really mind the pain. When my mom came to visit me, I only uttered a few words. I was too weak and too sleepy to talk. So she just stood there, watching me for half an hour, mostly with my eyes closed. She often remembers that moment.
“The way you were lying there, those eyes…” I must’ve looked really bad.
The most awkward thing about it, was the fact that lying there seemed so normal. This was my first time in the hospital ever. Yet, it felt like I’ve been in the hospital before. Maybe, in my previous life. I’m still trying to figure that one out.
Now, one month later, I feel fine. I expected it to be much worse, since people always told me “Don’t underestimate it! You’re going to suffer like hell…” But I felt it was quite okay. I recovered quickly, and Monday I’ll be going to school again! I feel great haha. Even though I’m not in college yet, I was able to start later too! For once, my brothers and sister couldn’t laugh about it like: “haha, I’m still in vacation and you’re noooot!” Altogether, I managed to fulfill 2 dreams in just one vacation. How awesome is that? 

Weight loss count: -11.1kg


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