Monday, January 13, 2014


Long time no see everyone!

First of all, HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!
I hope this year will be a great one for everybody.
I've had quiet a difficult year... I decided to quit my photography studies and to go study nursing.
I'm glad I made the decision, but it wasn't easy. Photography is still a passion and I'll never stop doing it, but school made it feel like a job and not fun anymore. I just felt unhappy...
The fact that I'm going to study nursing means I've got a lot more free time in the weekends to sew and craft things (which I love but never had the time for). I recently made a ragdoll (my first sewing project ever!) and I'm gonna try to make a cute doll for my boyfriends nephew too ^^. I'm really glad I've got more time to work at that sort of things, to work in my art journal and to write.

The past year was hectic and full of surprises. How was your past year??

Lots of Love,

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