Saturday, September 24, 2011

Watching Disney movies together is awesome

Yesterday I went to a street art festival with my dad, my brother and my boyfriend. We visited an exposition and I bought a wonderful print which you'll see in a later post :) 
It was really nice and we met great people. 
When we got home, we watched The Little Mermaid. It's such a great movie ^^ I love it

I think the witch is really scary...

Today we watched two other Disney movies: Oliver and Company and The Lion King.

The little cat looks so cute and it's so funny when he looks mad. Hihi <3
It's been so long since I've seen this movie ^^

I think the Lion King is one of Disney's best movies. I just love the story and the characters ^^
It's so sad when Mustafa dies :( I always cry at that part...

I really had the most wonderful friday and saturday with my boyfriend and I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!



  1. i miss the Lion King.. and I dont ever get to watch it in full.. Disney channel never seem to air this movie very often cause I always miss it.. :/

  2. Now I know it's Oliver and Company... I like the movie.. and the cute song Jennifer sung...

    You and me together we'll be
    Forever you'll see
    We two can be good company
    You and me
    Yes, together we two
    Together, that's you
    Forever with me
    We'll always be good company
    You and me
    Yes, together we'll be

    You and me
    Together we'll be
    Forever, you'll see
    We'll always be good company
    You and me
    Just wait and see

    :) I miss my childhood.. ha ha :3

  3. I would really like a copy of the Lion King.. sigh but you're right.. Movie sizes are too big to get attached at yahoo or facebook.. hu hu hu :c

    you're a fan of disney movies too!! Ha ha ha I love them Mulan, Tarzan, Up, Wall E, Monster Inc. are just some of my favorites.. :) and I really recommend you to watch Tangled.. Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore and the songs are awesome.. :)

    and Flynn Rider is funny.. :D