Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today wasn't the best

Today wasn't my best day. 
I'm just feeling a bit down and I don't know why. 
At least the sun is shining for a change :) The sun cheers me up a little bit ^^
School was okay... It was a little boring and we had a test, but it was alright.
I really need a hug. I am so happy I'm seeing my boyfriend this evening. We're just gonna drink something. I love talking to him. About everything. 

How was your day? Any plans for the weekend?



  1. *huuuug!*
    My day was fine, I had 5 hours of class, did the dishes with a friend, talked for a bit and now I'm just chilling in my dorm.
    Tomorrow I'm going to Frappantpop in Antwerp because a friend of mine is playing, then I'm going to my boyfriend and the next day there's Fresh From The Grave, a party in Ghent ^^ Busybusybusy

  2. aw! feel better! hope talking to him helps! my plans consist of working most of the weekend.... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    oh well