Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You've just gotta fight your way through

This quote by Ira Glass is so beautiful and so true. 
She has a great blog ^^ check it out! 
I just felt like I had to post it on my blog :)

What is your favorite quote? 



  1. nice quote.. I think what is important is that other people also like the stuff you like.. if only you like "it", it would not be fun.. :)

  2. I was commenting about the quote, as a whole.. I thought there was something wrong with it.. I mean it doesn't matter that we do our best and work hard with this one stuff that we're good at, if nobody finds it interesting, it becomes useless..

  3. fantastic - i just love how it's specifically directed at artists/creative people. i really enjoyed reading that thanks...

  4. "Go, not knowing where.
    Bring, not knowing what.
    The path is long, the way unknown."

    -Russian fairytale