Tuesday, March 25, 2014

First time using a sewing machine

A few months ago I bought a the book "De Poppen van Tante Hilde", its a book for making dolls. 
I love sewing and I really wanted to test out a sewing machine so searched for one on the attic. Apparently my dad had a cheap one lying around somewhere.
So I started sewing and this is my first creation with the sewing machine: 

I installed a little corner in my room with all my sewing materials and I made this doll. 
I decorated the hair with stitches by hand and I made some matching clothes with spare fabric I had lying around.
I'm now working at a second doll for my little nephew and in about 2 weeks I'll follow some sewing classes :)
I also ordered a new sewing machine, hope it'll arrive soon :D 
It's a much better machine than this one and I'll be able to sew jeans and other materials. :)

x Mri

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