Thursday, June 6, 2013

I really need to study...

The weather is pretty good right now and I wish I could go outside with my camera to take pictures and just enjoy life and the sun... But I've got to study for my upcoming exams :( Philosophy is not such a big problem but chemistry (I'm talking about photographical chemistry) is a disaster!
I'm already looking forward to this evening so I can continue watching the 9th season of Grey's Anatomy (sooooo damn addictive <3) and read a little more.
According to goodreads I'm 12 books behind schedule :( My goal is to read 70 books this year...
At the moment I'm reading Tempted (House of Night series nr. 6). I must admit I really like the series :)

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  1. I watched Greys Anatomy in highschool but I'm pretty sure I had no idea what the show was really about at the time, my sis was in medschool so she was really into the show and House M. D.

    I hear House ofNight is going to be made into movie! I've only read the first book.

    -Jen M.