Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012 !

 Happy new year everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful time :)

My goals for this year:

   • Live and enjoy every moment
   • Show love
   • Be less afraid
   • Be grateful for every little beautiful thing

On new years eve Thomas and I were just looking for a normal bar to have a drink, but we couldn't find one. All the bars were closed or there were private parties you had to pay for - so we just drove around for  an hour or so and enjoyed the fireworks :) It was nice sitting in the car celebrating the new year with him :) Eventually, we found a bar and had something to drink and then we went home.

What did you do?

Wednesday we went to eat something with friends of his parents. They cook really well!
I also got my new lens :D YAY :D
These are some pictures I took with it (tests xD):


 (They aren't really good but I think they're funny ~ hihi)

I also got some really nice presents :D

(The apple tree and the mouse I bought myself xD)
I also got an alarm clock and a nice hoodie ^^ 


  1. happy new year!!! nice pics too... great presents love it!!! enjoyed your blog, following you now... hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  2. I love the apple tree, the photos inside it are so cute! I would have loved to have seen fireworks on new year too. I just spent mine with my boyfriend's family. xo