Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exams! (+ more time to blog)

My exams start on monday, but that's okay :)
I'm repeating my last year of high school and I've seen everything already.
Which means: MORE TIME TO BLOG!
Yay :D
I still have some work I have to finish for my art classes, but that's not such a big problem :)

I'm getting so tired of the weather :(
Normally I have no problems standing up in the morning, but now I just can't get out of bed.
The darkness is very depressing and I feel tired all day long.
I must admit I like Christmas and all, but I sure wish the winter's over soon...

Do you like the winter? And what about Christmas?

With all the best wishes,
Me. <3

Some pictures I took last year.
I love the snow <3


  1. These pictures are beautiful, I love winter, christmas and the snow! Good luck with all your exams!


  2. I'd like the winter because we don't have that here.. I love christmas songseven though I'm not a christian. :) Do your best in the exams.. don't procrastinate!!

    about Art class. we have Humanities for this semester. and our instructor made us go to the school gallery and to choose two paintings and we had to examine them carefully, by every colour and symbols if there are.. whew. She made us analyze the "Scream" by Edvard Munch last Wednesday, and I didn't get it right. :c

    And you're still in highschool? I wish I lived there.. we started going to college already when we were 17 years old.

    Lastly, thank you for the comment. Thank you for considering me as one of your friends. I know and I feel that you're my friend, even though we've just met here on blogger and I'm thankful that we did. :