Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Love Today

* My old clock 
* My handwarmer (the owl) It's so cute and so useful these days ^^
* My duck keychain <3
* My cute analogue analogue camera with tunnel lens I bought in Londen about a year ago
* My new drawings! I'm probably gonna make these as stuffed animals :)

We went to Ghent today and we visited an exposition called "Dangerously Young". It was really interesting and I'm happy I went there :)
I'm currently planning the Halloween-evening with friends and I'm really looking forward to it ^^

Do you have any plans for Halloween?
I'd love to hear them!

xxx, Mri


  1. aww cute drawing.. :3 I'll pose stuff I love too next time.. :3

  2. yes Mri, you've got to watch the movie.. but dont fall inlove with Toothless.. he's mine.. heheh ok I'm sharing with you I guess.. ~(a_a~)

  3. Your owl handwarmer is absolutely adorable, I want! Haha :) . Thank you for displaying my button on your blog hun, it's really nice that people like my blog and would do that :).


  4. Thanks for the comment, glad you like my little blog :)

    I love these self affirming love posts. Very cool.

    Ta's x

  5. I love your clock :) And handwarmers. I love it all!!! Glad you had fun in Ghent! I don't have any Halloween plans :( xx