Sunday, October 2, 2011


As you might have noticed: I love Disney movies ^^
One of the movies I didn't see yet was Tangled and highly recommended by Nenehfer from, I finally watched it with my boyfriend ^^
I must admit is is a GREAT movie ! :D 
Flynn Rider (his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert) is such a funny character :D 
I've never really liked male characters in Disney movies. I mean... I never thought of them as handsome... 
It's better now ^^
Rapunzel's hair is really cool and it's a funny and romantic movie at the same time. I just don't like the moment her hair is cut off and it turns brown... I don't like the haircut... 
Oh well. 
I loved this movie <3

Which Disney movies do you like?

xx, Mri


  1. hm very true. I also loathed it when her hair got cut.. :c I like the part when Rapunzel knocked out Flynn unconscious and tied him up on the chair.. he's like modern prince charming lol.. and Maximum lol cute horse :)

    I do have a problem getting this one book.. it's called Phantom Valley 4: Stranger in the Mirror by Lynn Beach, it's a children's book I lost a copy of it.. can you help me? :c

    I really recommend you to read the Forbidden Game series by L. J. Smith, the antagonist is hot.. :) I'll send you the copies later I'm at school at the moment. :)

  2. Mri, pls. send me Torment as well. :))