Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Decoration Inspiration

1. Vintage Halloween Die Cut Decorations Garland by annafilomena on etsy
2. Anatomical Dishes by AustinModern on etsy
3. Happy Halloween Candle Lantern Jars by hbuechel on etsy
4. Black & White Pumpkins by NancysBagsEtc on etsy
5. Monster Cupcakes by shimrita on etsy 
6. Halloween Paper Straws by pinkcherrymama on etsy


  1. are those real cupcakes.. haha.

    haha i hate it when attendants in the malls here, dress for halloween and appear everywhere in the mall.. ha ha, advance happy halloween, don't stay too long outside for trick and treats. :)

  2. Thank you for featuring my black and white pumpkins.
    Happy Halloween to all!!

  3. true.. they can really go to much at times and they're not funny anymore.. :)

    can i ask you a little favor.. can you pretty pretty please remove the comment verification codes on your posts?? sometimes I don't see it! :/