Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Favourite October Photo's

By billyunderscorebwa on deviant art
By lady-mystica on deviant art

By edonidas on deviant art
By julkusiowa on deviant art

By filya1 on deviant art

Did you notice all the orange and yellow? :) 



  1. oooh the last one is perfect!!!!! and, it's alright... take your time! I'll write back asap when I get it! :D

    love, polly

  2. aesthetic photos.. I like no. 3 and 5. No. 3 reminds me of waiting.. haha :) and 5, we don't have Halloween here. tsk. the candies I'd missed all this time.. :)

    thanks for the second batch of books.. really excited to read them all especially the one you highly recommended.. but first, I have got to wait, I've got to do my best for final exams next week and ....then.... books!! :D

  3. I stumbled about the site one time but I don't have a good reads account.. what's in goodreads?? :D

  4. I made an account just now.. added you up in goodreads.. :P

  5. the picture with the green door against the blue/purple wall is stunning - great find!

    p.s. to those above, i love using good reads as a way to search for books that people mention and add them to my "to read" list

  6. it should be under "Isavirtue"