Tuesday, August 16, 2011

France - Day 1: On The Road


All our bags were packed and we're ready to go. Rise and shine at 04:15 AM and on the road at 04:50. 
It was a very long drive ahead of us but I had confidence in the driving capabilities of my boyfriend. To save some of our vacation money we took the long way so we left some hours before the rest of my family.
Hoping for better weather on our holiday we didn't bother packing much against the cold we had grown tired of in Belgium. That was a brilliant move! In our old Mazda demio there is no AC and the heat was on for the whole 1090 kilometers long trip. 
Traveling between the forests of the Ardennes and the French countryside we made our way to the verge of the Luberon Mountains. The trip was an amazing experience and we had lots of fun in the car but we were happy to arrive in Lauris, the precious little town where we're staying. 
After staying in the car for hours we were so damn happy to arrive and to top it all off we were the first ones there, so we sat down on a little terrace where we drank a well-earned beverage.

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